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I. Name and address of the data controller
Data controller in accordance with the European Regulation 679/2016 and the respective data protection laws of the individual Member States of the European Union is:

AC Studios by Andrea Citton
Via Isonzo, 15 – 36060 Romano d’Ezzelino (VI) Italy
Website: www.rivercleaning.com

II.Name and address of the controller
The company has appointed a person responsible for the protection of personal data:

AC Studios by Andrea Citton
Via Isonzo, 15 – 36060 Romano d’Ezzelino (VI) Italy
Website: www.rivercleaning.com

III. Treatment object
Entity and purpose of processing personal data
In principle, the processing of your data takes place only to the extent strictly necessary for the provision of a functioning website as well as to the extent necessary for our services and professional services. The processing of personal data of our users is basically done only with the consent of the person concerned. Exceptions are cases in which prior consent can not be obtained for factual reasons and in cases where data processing is permitted by law.

Legal basis for the processing of personal data
As far as data processing is carried out on the basis of the consent of the data subject, art. 6 co. 1 lit. a of the EU Regulation no. 2016/679 (hereafter also: GDPR) constitutes the legal basis.

When the processing of data is necessary at the end of the fulfillment of a contract for which the data subject is a party, Art. 6 co. 1 lit. b of the GDPR constitutes the legal basis. This also applies to data processing that is necessary to fulfill pre-contractual obligations.

The legal basis of the processing of data necessary to fulfill a legal obligation incumbent on the holder, is art. 6 co. 1 lit. c of the GDPR.

When the processing is necessary for the pursuit of the legitimate interest of the data controller or a third party and if the interests or the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject do not prevail, art. 6 co. 1 lit. f of the GDPR constitutes the legal basis for the treatment.

Cancellation and storage of data
The personal data of the person concerned will be deleted or blocked, when the purpose of storage is lost. In addition to this period, the data will be stored if this is required by national or European laws through regulations or directives, laws or other regulations, of which the data controller is subject. The blocking or deletion of data takes place even when the retention period set by the aforementioned regulations has expired, unless there is a need for further retention for the purpose of stipulation or fulfillment of a contract.

IV. Made available to the website and realization of Logfiles
Description and extent of data processing
During each access to our website, our system automatically collects data and information from the computer system that accesses the site. For this, the following data are collected:

(1) Information on the type of browser and the version used
(2) The user’s operating system
(3) The user’s Internet Service Provider
(4) Date and time of access
(5) Websites, through which the user’s system accesses our website
(6) Websites, which have been accessed by the user’s system through our website

The data will also be stored in the Logfiles in our system. The user’s IP addresses or other data enabling identification of the person concerned are not affected by this. This data will not be stored together with other personal data of the user.

Legal basis for data processing
Legal basis for the temporary storage of data is art. 6 co. 1 lit. f GDPR.

Purposes of data processing
Temporary retention of the IP address through the system is necessary to ensure the provision of the Web site service to the user. For this reason the user’s IP address must be kept for the duration of the session.

In this purpose there is also legitimate interest of the data controller to the processing of data pursuant to art. 6 co. 1 lit. f GDPR.

Duration of storage
The Data Controller will delete personal data when it is no longer necessary to fulfill the aforementioned purposes. For the data collected for making the Web site available, this is done when the respective session is finished.

Opposition and cancellation right
The collection of data for the provision of the website and the storage of data in the Logfiles is absolutely necessary for the operation of the website. There is therefore no possibility of opposition from the user to the treatment.

V. Use of markers («cookies»)

Description and extent of data processing
Our website uses markers, so-called C