We value river cleaning as a driver of prosperity to build a sustainable future together. We collaborate to collect and exchange crucial data among institutions, citizens, and research entities. We are open to synergies with Foundations, Non-Profit Organizations, and strategic industrial partnerships. Let’s explore Joint Venture opportunities with like-minded companies to bring about lasting change in the Blue Economy sector.

Are you a FOUNDATION or a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION with a project to combat plastic pollution?

Cooperation is the key to a realistic path toward pollution reduction and achieving Sustainable Development Goals. We are confident that our technology and expertise can support your vision.

Let’s discover together how we can make a difference.


We enthusiastically welcome collaboration with universities and institutes to promote initiatives in applied research on riverine litter and waste valorization. We are open to discussing and working with students and researchers, supporting innovative ideas for a positive impact.

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Are you a COMPANY competing for contracts in urban planning, infrastructure, or water management areas?

Thanks to the environmental value that forms the core of our actions, River Cleaning facilities can be incorporated into proposals as an enhancement. We support these synergies to extend our impact across the territory.

Would you like to increase the value of your proposal?

Are you a COMPANY working in a field related to ours, such as water management, reclamation, environmental conservation, port water maintenance, or plastic waste management?

Or are you already operating in the Blue Economy and seeking new market opportunities?

You may have already imagined it, but at River Cleaning, we are very ambitious and think about the results we could achieve internationally. That’s why we are open to various forms of corporate partnership and patent licensing agreements, with the sole aim of enabling growth for us and our partners.

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Are you a CONCERNED INDIVIDUAL wanting to support River Cleaning to make rivers cleaner?

Report polluted watercourses to us, and contact us for interventions so that we can involve the relevant authorities and address the issue. Alternatively, you can reach out for events, share our initiatives on social channels, or contribute with a donation. Every effort you make will be celebrated in a special year-end article showcasing how businesses and citizens can collaborate to protect the environment.

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