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Important developments in the prototyping phase

At the moment we carry out the project, improving and perfecting it continuously, looking for new partners and buyers. The company that will produce it will have to bear the initial costs for the production of the single RIVER CLEANING module. Once the molds are produced, the management becomes extremely simple. It will just be enough to produce the pieces, assemble them and make arrangements with a company that will install the complete line.


The RIVER CLEANING solution system, by means of the rotary movement of special floating devices anchored to the riverbed and their particular transverse arrangement compared to the river, conveys all floating waste in transit to a single point, where a collection system can then be placed. The advantages of a similar system are many:

  • The installation does not interfere with river traffic
  • It does not interfere with the life of the fauna
  • No staff is needed
  • The device is modular and can be industrialized
  • It takes advantage of the river current for a zero impact solution
  • Any failure is limited to the individual units

In the study of this project, physical simulation tests were performed through software, and prototypes were built and tested to verify their functionality. The floating device is equipped with an external rotating disk designed to direct the waste to the next device. A series of these devices is disposed transversely to the course of the river. In this way the floating waste is diverted by the rotating disk and directed to a single collection point on the side of the river. We are making an agreement with the University of Trento for the development of the project using their hydraulic engineering laboratories.

The RIVER CLEANING solution device

The RIVER CLEANING solution device can consist of a floating body with bearings on which a rotating disk with brushes applied on. This external disk rotates thanks to a simple rotating blades system connected to a toothed wheel that transmits the movement to the outside, this allows the device to work using only the energy produced by the river current. The floating body on the outside can include a very resistant plastic shell, covered with rubber material, compatible with boat contact. The device is anchored to the river bed and when a boat passes, the individual floating units move to the sides of the boat, allowing it to pass, then they reposition themselves in their original positions thanks to the current.

Maximize the recovery of waste in transit through rivers

The RIVER CLEANING solution system aims to maximize the recovery of waste in transit through rivers, providing a unique and easily reproducible product that can adapt to the needs of the various areas and organizations involved in the recycling of waste and land protection. An installation can have low costs, needs almost no maintenance, it can be permanent and does not disturb the users of the watercourse.


The RIVER CLEANING system can be installed in any river or watercourse that has the problem of floating waste. Our direct buyers are: Municipalities, reclamation consortiums, power plants, companies that deal with the recovery and disposal of waste, reclamation bodies of large rivers, in Italy and abroad. The market is potentially very vast.


We do not intend to produce or sell this product independently. We have neither the resources nor the skills necessary to manage a production unit. Our goal is to sell the project and patent rights to a company that is able to exploit it to its full potential.

LONG-TERM vision

You can install the product in any river and watercourse that has the problem of floating waste. Installing and maintaining RIVER CLEANING lines is a continuous work, it is a product that does not age and that is not subject to passing trends. Once installed the system will need periodic maintenance, and this guarantees a continuous work for the company that installs the RIVER CLEANING systems.