Customized solutions

We create tailor-made cleaning projects for rivers and channels: we analyze the specifications and needs to offer personalized solutions. After a feasibility analysis, we provide an initial per-meter cost and generate precise quotes. We support the authorization process by supplying everything necessary.


River Cleaning can help you improve the conditions of your watercourses and streamline the cleaning and maintenance work. It also serves as an environmental compensation project with lasting effects on the enhancement of the territory.

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Are you a COMPANY looking to enhance your Social and Environmental Responsibility?

We understand how crucial sustainability reporting is. A River Cleaning project could be the right fit for you, thanks to its measurable impact results that can benefit corporate communication and your brand. All are certified by a proven credit system.

Want to solidify your role as an impact-driven company?

Are you a MANAGER of a HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT with an intake channel?

Then, you may be familiar with issues arising from the accumulation of plant material in the bar screens: maintenance, production downtime, and disposal costs. What if it were possible to avoid them? We have designed one of our products specifically to assist companies facing the same problem as yours.

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