The first Rivercleaning tests on the Brenta River: the eco-sustainable and performing project is underway

We are few weeks away from the installation of the devices against pollution on the Brenta River, designed by the River Cleaning team with the aim of removing plastic waste from rivers and, consequently, fighting water pollution.

The one on the Brenta River will be the final field test to validate the innovative and eco-sustainable solution of the group of professionals who, for two years now, have been studying the correct functioning and implementation of a high-performance project capable of cleaning water all over the world through the use of eco-sustainable installations.

Seven of our innovative devices, ready from December and made with 3D printing, will be installed on the Brenta riverbanks, covering a small stretch of the river – for about 6-7 meters -, also equipped with a cage for the storage of collected waste: a solution consisting of several devices connected individually but working together to move the collected waste on the right side of the river. Floating devices with a diameter of 120 cm each, modified compared to the first version of the project (the previous one were smaller) to allow the installation to obtain a better result. 

The highly anticipated event signed Rivercleaning will also be accompanied by journalistic footage and videos, in order to demonstrate the entire installation process and its operation.

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