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They are entrepreneurial realities born with the aim of developing, producing and marketing innovative products or services with high technological value. At the base of these realities, there are often young and brilliant minds that seek solutions to current and real problems.

Awards in Italy

Competitions are organized every year, offering cash prizes and funding for start-ups that participate to emerge and gain greater visibility. Also in the field of environmental protection and redevelopment there are start-ups that bring innovative proposals and ideas that are often recognized and rewarded. In Italy, for example, the National Award for Innovation* (as reported on the website) is a “competition between groups of people who have written the business plan of an innovative business idea and have participated in one of the business plan competitions, called Start Cup, linked to Italian Universities and Public Research Bodies associated with PNICube”.

* Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione (PNI)

Start-up green awards

For the sustainability and life sciences sector, in 2019, the PNI assigned one award related to environmental sustainability and one related to people’s health: CLEANTECH & ENERGY (improving environmental sustainability) and LIFE SCIENCES (improving people’s health).


to HT Materials Science Italy a startup that has developed a coolant (MAXWELL 2020) consisting of nanoparticles that significantly increase the heat exchange capacity and energy efficiency of air conditioning and cooling systems with the consequent reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


to Bacfarm which, with its patent, is able to extract carotenoids from bacteria with important medical benefits.

Start-up in the world

Worldwide, the most successful environmental start-ups are able to attract large amounts of capital thanks to the support of investors and crowdfunding platforms. These fundraising campaigns often lead to dizzying revenues.

Notable and well-known examples of green start-ups

  • Impossible Foods Inc., founded in 2011, offers sustainable vegetarian products that mimic foods of animal origin. Impossible Foods was able to raise $108 million in a funding round in October 2015. By October 2018, Impossible Foods had raised a total of $387.5 million in seven funding rounds.


  • WISErg is a company that has invented a solution for managing organic matter generated in urban environments, Harvester: a machine that turns food waste into high nutrient liquids that can be converted into organic fertilizers for lawn care. Proposed Harvester in 2014, WISErg received $69.8 million in nine rounds of funding starting in October 2018.


  • In 2015, Skeleton Technologies won the Ecosummit London Award for best startup as Europe’s largest developer and manufacturer of ultracapacitor cells. Customers include the European Space Agency, which uses the product to solve energy supply and storage problems by regaining energy and providing peak and backup power. The start-up received €46.4 million in six rounds of financing.


  • Holganix, sells environmentally friendly green care products (both private and agricultural) that contain natural microorganisms. Their products reduce fertilizer use by up to 90%. The start-up raised $300,000 in funding in 2015 and raised another $3 million in 2017. Total funding in October 2018 was $4.9 million in six rounds.

River Cleaning

The River Cleaning project is preparing to exit the market ready to evaluate partners and investors interested in an innovative and well-structured patent. Betting on a green start-up is not only an investment for the future of all, but it is also a concrete investment able to reward its partners with significant gains.

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