River Cleaning System operating capacity

What is River Cleaning

The innovative River Cleaning System, for the collection of plastic waste in watercourses, consists of individual floating devices that rotate thanks to the water current, so it does not need any more sources of energy and does not produce any kind of waste.

It is designed to have zero impact on the eco-system: fauna and flora do not suffer stress from the plant.


The individual floating units are positioned in series and transversely to the course of the river so as to intercept floating plastic waste and divert it to a prearranged automated collection point.

The anchorage allows the mobility of the individual units of the patented system in order to allow the transit of boats. The system requires each device to return to its own position after the
passage of the vessel.


The structure of the individual units has been designed to be able to come into contact with vessels without suffer damage. In case a buoy should detach from the anchorage, a GPS locator is provided for to be able to track her down and retrieve her from the operator in charge.

The plastic materials studied for the realization of the modules are of high quality and designed to resist the environmental stress without degrading.


The modular River Cleaning System is 100% scalable, operating 24/7 and guarantees 85% efficiency in the collection of plastic waste. Efficiency increases to 95% if floating plastic waste is taken into account. The data have been processed by means of physical simulation tests with professional software followed by the making of prototypes.

 Successful testing

Field tests, along the Brenta River, gave positive results on the real capacity of the system demonstrating that the patent is ready to be made and installed on a large scale.


The River Cleaning System is therefore an innovative, efficient and low environmental impact solution, able to adapt to any watercourse and convenient.


If you are interested in learning more about the project or if you want to know more about it, write us here, in any social channel, on our website or at info@rivercleaning.com.

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