We use this time to reflect on the environment

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The restrictions that have been imposed on us are certainly obligatory and pressing, but they can become opportunities for reflection, let us reflect on ourselves, our lives, the present, the past and the future.

As almost all experts now say, the COVID-19 pandemic has a lot to do with the environment.

Giovanni Maga, director of the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the CNR-IGM in Pavia, explains for example that the factors involved in the increasing frequency of epidemics in recent decades are many.

“Climate change modifying the habitat of animal vectors of these viruses, human intrusion into more and more virgin ecosystems, overpopulation, frequency and speed of human movements”.

Is this a wake-up call?

The spread of these new viruses, in short, would be nature’s inevitable response to man’s assault.

Let’s remember that the climate and the infections we suffer go hand in hand.

In a warmer planet, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites are necessary to find ideal conditions to explode, spread, recombine, with an increase in both the seasonality and the geographical spread of these diseases.

As David Quammen says, in short, “the more we destroy ecosystems, the more we move the virus from their natural hosts and they come to us as an alternative host“.

The solution?

It can only be in a complete rethink of our relationship with nature: protecting biodiversity, stopping the climate crisis, halting the destruction of forests and reducing the consumption of resources.

Start thinking today about the many little attentions that we can have now, and that we can have even more in the future when the emergency is over. Let us manage our relationship with the environment better.

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