Do you know how much plastic we eat every week, month, year?


Over the next 12 months we will consume as much as 250 grams of plastic, an amount equal to a full plate. The main sources of micro plastics are water, salt, beer, shellfish and other dishes.

Every year we produce 300 million tonnes of plastic, many of which end up in the environment and the food processing chain.

A recent study carried out by scientists at Newcastle University and the WWF showed that on average each of us consumes 5 grams of plastic each week.
In short, it is as if every week we are eating a credit card.

How does this process happen?

Because plastic waste does not degrade naturally, but breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, down to micro-plastics and nano-plastics, which inevitably end up in the food chain.

The main reason why so much plastic ends up in the food chain is simple: every year the human being produces 300 million tons of plastic, most of them are abandoned in the environment. Suffice it to say that over the same period of time, 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the seas and oceans all over the world.

If we do not want plastic in our lives, we must stop the millions of tons of plastic that continue to spread in nature.

We need urgent action!

Governments, businesses, consumers, we need you!

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