Where does your plastic end up once you’ve collected it?

What happens to “your” plastic once it falls into the trash can? An America wide global survey to answer these questions.

A recent survey by “The Guardian” found that: hundreds of thousands of tons of American plastic is exported every year to developing countries for the dirty recycling process, causing labour-intensive recycling.

The consequences for the environment and health are serious.


The survey showed that they were found in 11 countries:

  • 68,000 plastic containers exported from the United States.
  • Bangladesh, Laos, Ethiopia and Senegal are the countries that offer cheap labour and environmental regulations are limited if not zero.
  • Turkey has also had shipments from the U.S. in recent years and as a result, it is
    unable to handle 100% of the plastic produced locally.


These breakdowns in the recycling system are adding to a growing sense of crisis around plastic, a wonderful material that has allowed humanity to develop, but which is now found in massive quantities in rivers, seas, oceans even in the human digestive system has been discovered.


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