Supermarket shelves and seas. That’s how plastic is contaminating our lives.

Do you know that plastics in recent years are gradually replacing all the others: metal, wood, steel and paper. Plastic containers are everywhere, mostly in the food industry.
There are no food products that are not packaged with plastics!


An emergency that is becoming increasingly urgent and requires initiatives not only from the governments, but above all from each individual. We use plastic every day, but if we pay attention to how we use it, if we behave responsibly, we can safeguard the ecosystem of the earth.


The sea situation in Italy


If you look at the pollution of the Mediterranean Sea under a microscope, you can see that the waste present in its waters is 95% plastic.
The coasts of Italy are those most affected by such an emergency especially in those areas where during the summer the number of tourists causes an exponential increase in the use of plastic products.


river cleaning-project-pollution seas italy


How can river cleaning work?

  • Recover the plastic before it gets to the sea.
  • Reducing the number of plastic waste in the world’s rivers.
  • Re-use collected plastic


We can give life to an ecological revolution!

What do you do every day to save our planet?

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