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Throughout the planet this problem has reached an unacceptable level of criticality.

The impact of human beings on the planet has been devastating.
Regardless of the consequences, waste of all kinds has continued to be dumped into our seas.

One of the waste that has made his presence felt so strongly is plastic!

tons of plastic per year
0 mln
plastic bottles per day
0 mln
tons of plastic discharged into the oceans every year
0 + mln
of plastic items are disposable
0 %

Plastic waste is collecting in the oceans in “plastic islands”.

The biggest of these is the great pacific garbage patch.

Its dimensions are like those of Spain and Portugal put together.

Since plastic debris reaches the oceans via rivers, it takes 20 years to reach these “islands”.

We must therefore go to act on the problem before these waste come out of the rivers.

river cleaning - italia

The main problem operating in river environments
is the need to find a common and adaptable solution
to very different situations, both in terms of width and depth
of the water course and in terms of navigability.


Our mission is to radically change how we care for rivers and their waters, our most precious asset.

We have chosen to do this with technological solutions that surpass the limits of currently used barriers. Our systems, the result of the work of a team of professionals in design, mechatronics, and hydraulics, are entirely customized solutions tailored to the customer and the watercourse.

Thanks to our versatility, we create modular structures capable of adapting to different watercourses inflow and size. Low environmental impact, remote maintenance, safety and control, no navigation obstacles, zero energy required: this is our response to the needs of rivers in a path of continuous innovation, test after test.

Contact us, and let’s find the solution to your needs!

85% of waste stopped

The River Cleaning System offers an extremely high performance, going to recover practically all the plastic waste with which it comes into contact.

24/7 operativity

An important strength of the River Cleaning System is that it operates autonomously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for personnel.

100% scalable

The devices in both size and arrangement can be scaled according to the conformation of the river and the specific needs of the watercourse.



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